St Bernadette Church in Hermitage, Missouri, was established on all Saints day in 1973.


St Bernadette in Hermitage, Missouri is called the "Homemade Church in Hickory County" of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City. Our parish church serves the people of Hickory county and many visitors in the summer months.

The Church resides on a 36-acre site in the beautiful county of Hickory. We are located in the extreme southern edge of the Diocese of Jefferson City. We are considered a tourist area near Pomme De Terre Lake.

In September of 2018 we became a church without a full-time priest.  We were blessed to have the diocesan assign our parish a Parish Life Collaborator. This was assigned to our existing resident Deacon, Kent Boettger. He was also given the responsibilities of our church administrator while having a part-time priest minister to our sacramental needs. We were blessed to have Fr. Angelus Minj serve as our Sacramental Minister until July of 2019, at which time he was called back to his home diocese in India. His replacement is now serving as our current pastor and rector, Reverend Alexius Ekka, who was ordained in 1981 and also serves St Anns of Warsaw and St Peter and Paul of Cole Camp.

To learn about the very beginnings of St Bernadette church please read "Our Complete History".

Diocesan Shepherds

Pastoral Care

  • 1973:. Reverend Donald Green C.PP.S., pastor at Warsaw, occasional masses
  • 1973: Reverend Joseph Starmann, first Pastor
  • 1987: Reverend Gregory Higley, temporary pastor
  • 1988: Reverend David Buescher, Pastor
  • 1990: Reverend James Fuemmeler, Pastor April to June
  • 1990: Reverend Joseph Hoi, Pastor
  • 1991: Reverend Donald Crosby, Pastor
  • 1994: Reverend John J. Schmitz, Pastor
  • 1996: Reverend Donald Powers, Third Pastor
  • 2000: Reverend Jim Wilson
  • 2003: Reverend Paul Jones, pastor
  • 2004: Reverend Robert Fields, Pastor and Rector
  • 2005: Reverend Tom McGrath, pastor
  • 2009: Reverend Robert Fields, Pastor
  • 2010: Reverend Dean Nimerichter, Pastor
  • 2011: Reverend Daniel I.J. Leuckenotte, Pastor
  • 2013: Reverend Robert Fields, Pastor
  • 2018: Reverend Algelus Minj, Pastor
  • 2018: Deacon Kent Boettger, Parish Life Collaborator
  • 2019: Reverend Fr. Alexius Ekka, Pastor